Koohrang synoptic station
This place is divided (koppen classification) to cold temperate zone with dry summer and semi dry (DCAS). This station is situated in latitude 32 26' and longitude 50 07'. The international code of this station is 40797 and its letter code is CHSK. The elevation of this station from the sea is equal to 2285 meters. The min absolute temperature in this station is equal to -30.6 during 15 years (1987-2002) and the Max. temperature in this period is equal to 35.8 degrees centigrade (till 2002). Also on the average, 125 days in a year, freezing has been observed.
This station was a climatologic place in the past, which has started to work in 1958 and in 1987 changed into a synoptic station. Of course a 13 years pause was happened to this station. Koohrang station is one of the most, as a matter of precipitation (snow and rain). It is the source and fountain of many rivers like Karoon , Karkheh and Zayandeh Rood. The average Temperature at least for this station, from December, has become negative and till April with Min. temp. (-1) this process is continued that is explanatory of a cold condition over this station. precipitation starts in this station from October and with an average of 53.5 mm. in October and 162.8 for Novamber and 197.9 for Azar and 220.7 for January and 221.3 for February and 274.7 for March, is a ix month season with a lot of precipitation . This wills Continue Till April. Summer is a dry season in this station.
Tel: (382) 7622090
Address: Chelgerd – next to Koohrang tunnel number 1
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