Shahrekord synoptic station (Airport)
This station is in the center of chaharMahal va Bakhtiary province and has the longest period of statistics. It has 47 years old statistics till 2002. It is situated in longitude (50° 51') and latitude 32° 20' and its c is 2061 meters.
In view of the fact that Shahrekord climate has been explained in many different method, but what is as a describable fact shows that Shahrekord climate is semi humid with an average summer and very cold winters. It has (DCAS) climate that is cold average climate with dry and hot summers (koppen classification).
Considering temperature , relative humidity and precipitation parameters, we can divide a year in Shahrekord into two six month seasons. The dry season starts from June and will continue till November and the wet season starts from November and will continue till April and sometimes till May. Amount of precipitation in planting season except April and May is a bout Zero. March with 60.3 mm is at the top. Total precipitation in the years has an average of 318 mm. Winter season has got %50 autumn %28 and spring %22 of precipitation in this station. Summer is completely dry. Now the station is situated in Shahrekord airport. Observation and searching is in it. It is right to say that Shahrekord station in some periods had some place changing but it was not very important. In 2001 the station transferred to the Airport. The new situation of this station is (50° 51') and (32° 20') its 32° 20' is 2061 . The brevity of the place is OIFS. The restrict international code is 40798.
For preparing meteorology factors and giving a safe service regarding a safety flight, has been led to a proper place for aero logy station in the Airport. As an advice of international organizations (WMO) - (ICAO) the required instruments had to be attached in away that clearly showed the Airport and around Zone climate. Because it is very important in flight affairs. The Airport station site should before from polluting centers like. Installations – repair shops and fire stations. Also the parameters like temperature and dew stop in a zone at the top of the band, at the average of plane engine height should be measured. The air pressure according to the formal height of Airport should be measured. To connecting with the pilots, and telling them the condition of atmosphere, in addition to meteorology maps, we need to some expert predictors. There fore, making the station of meteorology in the Airport was decided. For example in Shahrekord airport, A land of lollop meters size in order to starting an meteorology station was delivered. It was made from the national building credits. After that from the credits of Aero logy of the province, platform and other instruments and office equipments were prepared. Although installations like water – electricity and phone were belonging to the duties of Airport improvement assistant, but because of the importance of the station, these facilities were prepared by the Administration of meteorology of the province. The meteorology of airport simultaneously began to work with the first flight. It started from the beginning of tir 1380. It is now working day and night. The meteorology service in Airport is related to the place and the kind of flight Generally, the information’s of meteorology are including the present climate and predicting of future. These predictions are the way and side of landing and flying the planes also when the atmosphere is not safe, the predictors send (segment) and (warning) to pilots and officials. Before every flight, meteorology briefing with the predictors and pilot and others, in origin airport are done. Before the flight, the map meteorology is used which the information’s are prepared for the pilot. The condition of atmosphere in order to airline transferring as an explained format by ICAO, every hour or half an hour, considering the airport traffic is reporting in airport meteorology station. The prediction of atmosphere all meteorology stations prepare condition, in order to the safety of fight. If a dangerous phenomenon as an airline system observed, a warning will be send to aero navigation. This phenomenon may be seen in one of the stations.
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